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Club de Golf Escorpion



Designé par Ron Kirby & Alfonso Vidaor

With about 2.000 members, the well cared facilities of this private golf club make it one of the most important ones not only in Valencia Region, but also at a national level. It offers complementary leisure services such as gym, day nursery, tennis courts and swimming pool.With its 27 holes, the club offers the opportunity of combining three different circuits where the player will be able to test his technique and strength when hitting the ball. Circuits are protected by a thick set of trees and the presence of water gives it a special touch.The nine holes that give personality to the traditional area of the Masía are placed on a flat area. To make the most of them, one must use his technical skills. Two wide lakes are placed between holes 5, 6, 8 and 9. If you’re able to keep your mind on the game, water will not be a problem but an incentive to help the rhythm and beauty of the circuit, which is already pleasant due to its abundant vegetation. The nine holes conforming the lakes area are limited by water. There is water on the front and the sides, which affects five of the holes.
Situé à Betera, Valencia - 27 Holes - 3 courses of 9 holes and a Pitch & Putt of 18 holes
80 €