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In the Pego municipal district abound archaeological remains that prove that, since ancient times, man has populated this mountain valley that benefits from the abundance of water and its proximity to the Mediterranean. At Ambra remains of decorated Neolithic pottery dated between 4000-2000 B.C have been discovered.
The market town of Pego has many facilities including traditional restaurants serving local cuisine, typically Spanish tapas bars, a good selection of supermarkets and shops, a newly built heath centre, outdoor communal swimming pool and an almost complete indoor sports centre. Pego has some wonderful surrounding countryside, situated between orange grove, rice fields and picturesque mountains and being only 6km from the nearest beach has something for all outdoor lovers. Travelling from the Oliva Coastline towards Pego you will find a natural park which is home to some wonderful birdlife, herons, kingfishers and often seen circling above are eagles and ospreys. The Parks irrigation is fed by 4 local rivers which feed the 1250 hectares of rice fields. It a wonderful peaceful experience getting to know the different walking or cycling routes the park has to offer, bird spotting along the way.



Alicante airport: 112 km
Valence airport: 89 km